low loss coax cable assemblies

Custom Microwave Coax Cable Assemblies

SRC Haverhill Receives AS9100-C Certification

We're pleased to announce certification to AS9100-C from ABS Quality Evaluations, for the sale and manufacture of cable assemblies, microwave absorber, and Mil-C-17 approved semi-rigid coax cable.

SRC Haverhill Mil-C-17 semi-rigid cable assemblies are DLA Qualified Parts (QPL).

The merger of these companies into a newly formed standalone Winchester division (SRC Haverhill) creates a dynamic resource for our customers' semi-rigid cable manufacturing and assembly requirements.

Since building SRC's first test cables for Hewlett Packard thirty years ago, the company has shipped over a million semi rigid assemblies.

Our Santa Rosa facility, where we build flexible coax assemblies, and we make SRC PolyIron ultra thin microwave absorber is ISO9001:2008 Certified.

Test and Measurement, Military and Microwave Communications

Microwave test and measurement, defense, aerospace, medical imaging and wireless communications companies design high performance products like vector network analyzers, ground - airborne - shipboard radar, satellite ground stations and microwave devices that rely on SRC's phase stable, low loss semi rigid coax cable assemblies.

We offer a variety of sizes from .020, .034 copper jacket to .047, .085, .141 and .250 diameter tin plated copper or tin plated aluminum jacket. In many applications our semi rigid coax assemblies require either military qualified parts list (QPL) or very stringent aerospace connector specifications.

That's why over the years we've developed our own proprietary cable assembly quality procedures and CNC controlled precision cutting and cable bending tools. Our custom tooling helps us assure the length of the cable to .002 in. of precision so that you can count on identical, repeatable electrical properties whether you need ten units or ten thousand. SRC semi rigid cable assemblies (and our high performance flexible assemblies) are temperature cycled to normalize the dielectric. Depending upon your application needs, we can also perform sweep testing to 40 GHz, phase-match the assembled cable(s) and armorize the assembly to meet the demands of a tactical or test-bench environment.

Flexible Coax Cable Assemblies

Of course many applications are better suited to flexible coax. SRC Haverhill offers a variety of cable and connector options. The following is a list of our flexible cable assembly categories by general application:

LMR Communications Coax Cable Assemblies

SRC Haverhill provides LMR 195, 200, 240, 300, 400, 500 and 600 with a variety of high quality coax connector choices. Times Microwave's LMR is a proprietary flexible, broadband, low loss 50 Ohm cable designed for cellular, PCS, wireless internet (WISP), CLEC and IEEE 802 communications applications.

We can also custom build to your exact specifications and we offer various jacket options, including LMR-DB watertight, LMR-FR non-halogen/low smoke, LMR-FR-PVC (with a CMR/MPR and FT4 indoor rating) and LMR-PVC which is even more flexible.

A choice of appropriate connectors is offered, including BNC, TNC, F, N or SMA. We also offer LMR Plenum Coax Cable Assemblies and LMR UltraFlex Communications Coax Cable (when your application requires a stranded center conductor for a smaller bend radius) and more flexure.

Microwave, RG and Mil-C-17 Replacement Cable Assemblies

SRC Haverhill builds many drop-in replacement cables for RG and Mil-C-17 standards, including: RG6, RG8, RG58, RG59, RG142, SF142, RG174, RG178, RG188, RG213, RG214, RG223, RG316, RD316 and RG400. Chances are if you need it we have it in stock, available for your quick turn requirements. In most cases our RG replacement cable assemblies exceed M-C-17 specifications. In fact, SRC316 and SRC316TS'Triple Shield' have become so popular that designers ask for it by name for a variety of microwave, radar and tactical applications. For example, SRC's 316TS (Triple Shield) is popular because it offers up to 18 GHz performance, an advanced 'cross-linked' pre-treated dielectric, a superior bend radius and 110dB of shielding at an affordable price.

SRC Haverhill SteelFlex Low Loss Flexible Coax

Our SteelFlex is an excellent choice for tactical or military applications that demand the lowest attenuation possible in an affordable, durable flexible cable, or for higher frequency test cables and connections. SteelFlex is available in either '402' operating to 34 GHz or '405' which can operate to 60 GHz. This versatile, durable product is right when you need a flexible cable that must be phase stable, withstand multiple flexures, have greater power handling capability, and provide low attenuation comparable to semi rigid, with shielding above 100dB. SRC SteelFlex 50 Ohm cables are assembled to your specs and available with your markings in '405' (.085) or '402' (.141) gauge. SteelFlex is designed to offer a good bend radius, angle of flex and consistent performance even after multiple flexures. It may be armorized and can be configured with a wide choice of connectors, depending upon the frequency of your application, including: MCX, SMA, SMB, SMC, TNC, N, 3.5mm, SSMA, GPO, GPPO, GPS, SMP, 2.9mm, K, 2.4mm and 1.85mm (V).

Conformable (Hand Formable) Coax

SRC's Conformable Coax is yet another affordable alternative to semi rigid. Available in .047, .085, .141 and .250, you can shape SRC Conformable coax cable by hand or we can bend it to your spec with our precision CNC equipment. SRC Conformable Coax combines a silver covered copper clad steel center conductor with a PTFE dielectric and a unique copper-tin 'composite' shield for excellent weldability, better coverage and excellent durability. The result is more flexibility while retaining good shielding, phase stability (we temperature cycle the dielectric) and low attenuation. Conformable is a good option for applications up to 20.5 GHz (18 GHz for .250) with small bend radii and good ability to re-bend the shape as your prototype or design progresses.

PolyIron Microwave Absorber

SRC PolyIron ultra thin microwave absorber is used to isolate unwanted EMI, crosstalk or interference from higher frequency devices like high power amplifiers, for waveguide loads, or to protect military or tactical assets from radar detection by 'absorbing' .5MHz to 40GHz emissions (attenuating up to 20db or more of the unwanted EM frequency.) It can be made according to customer specifications into injection molded 3D parts like chip caps or cut into strips or formed into small enclosures like cell phone handsets. It is weather and mildew resistant, low-outgassing, non-conducting and resists extreme temperature and flames.

Unlike common Salisbury shields or gaskets, PolyIron magram absorber works to attenuate EMI by absorbing it-not by reflecting it. The advantage is that in small enclosures, high frequencies cause cavity resonance- something shields don't really address. This is particularly important in today's densely packed microwave devices where space is at a premium, because typically only 0.2mm to 4.5mm thickness of PolyIron is all that is required. Read more about this amazing material in a recent Microwave Product Digest article here.