Low Loss Hand Formable Coax Cable Assembly

SRC Conformable Low Loss Coax Cable Assemblies

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Easy to Bend Conformable Coax Cable

SRC offers this hand formable flexible alternative to standard 047, 085, 141 and 250 semi rigid coax. Utilizing a unique copper-tin composite shield and a durable, well performing PTFE dielectric, this cable is easy to bend by hand. Conformable coax cable assemblies may be used for test instrument cable prototypes, or for aerospace, commercial or military radar and microwave equipment when the design isn't quite ready to commit to final spec, but you want the benefit of a phase stable, low loss cable that will exhibit electrical properties comparable with the final design.

You may easily bend and re-bend the cable to accommodate design changes, and when necessary change the cable shape, thereby overcoming the expense of a commitment to semi rigid until you're ready. We can pre-treat the dielectric and our precision CNC controlled cable saw and connector fabrication will assure you have a predictable benchmark from which your final design can be established. We're also happy to pre-bend it to your specs on our CNC cable bend equipment. This product's excellent minimum bend radius will facilitate your best designs. It can be configured with your choice of connectors, depending upon the frequency of your application, including: MCX, MMCX, SMA, SMB, SMC, SSMA, SSMB, SSMC, TNC, N, 3.5mm, GPO (SMP), GPPO (SSMP), 2.9mm (K), 2.4mm and 1.85mm (V).

An SRC Conformable coax assembly gives you the ability to demonstrate a more professional layout that is important to gain final design approval for your test instrument prototype or your next microwave design. Once you have the geometry you need, you can send us the bent cable and we'll replicate it for you in semi rigid for production quantities.

SRC Conformable Low Loss Cable Specifications

Easy to Bend Conformable Coax Cable
Easy to Bend Conformable Coax Cable