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RG Mil-C-17 Replacement Coax Cable Assemblies

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RG Coax Cable Assembly

SRC builds many drop-in replacement cables for RG and Mil-C-17 specifications. We have a variety of off-the-shelf flexible cable assemblies and we provide qualified parts list assemblies (QPL), or we can build a custom assembly to your specs. We have a large connector and cable inventory so quick turn assemblies are business-as-usual for many of our military, wireless communications and microwave OEM customers.

In most cases our RG replacement cable assemblies exceed M-C-17 specifications. For instance, our SRC316® and SRC316TS® Triple Shield coax assemblies offer 90dB and over 100dB shielding, are twice as flexible and offer 20% lower attenuation for the same price you'd pay for OEM replacement parts! Whether you need high quality standard coax connectors or you're looking for precision connectors we typically stock them. Need something special like pre-treating the dielectric, sweep testing, another shield, overmold, special markings, or a really hard to find connector? We can do it for you.

Let us configure your solution with your choice of connectors. Depending upon the frequency of your application, these cables may be assembled with MCX, MMCX, SMA, SMB, SMC, SSMA, SSMB, SSMC, TNC, N, 3.5mm, GPO (SMP), GPPO (SSMP), 2.9mm (K), 2.4mm and 1.85mm (V) connector options. Already know what you need? Then use our quick quote form and we'll get you on your way. The whole thing only takes a minute, and if you need assistance, just give us a call and we can give you all the options you need to make the right choice.

Still not sure? Let us configure a sample assembly for you to test and we'll send it to you free of charge. You won't know how pleasant the experience can be until you try us out!

SRC RG Mil-C-17 Coax Specifications






Dimension in. (mm).0285 (.72).0888 (2.26).032 (.81).0226 (.55).037 (.94)
DielectricPE .185PE .285PE .116PE .146PTFE .116
JacketPVC-II .332PVC-IIA .405PVC-I .195PVC-IIA .242FEP .195
Min. Inside Bend in. rad3.
Impedance Ohm7650507550
Capacitance pF/ft @ 1 GHz20.629.630.820.629.4
Velocity of Propogation % of c6666666669.5
Shielding dB4040404060
Max Voltage vrms3,0004,0001,9002,3001,900
Temperature range ºC-40 +185-40 +80-40 +185-40 +185-55 +200
Power (Max Freq) WNA320901301100
Cutoff Frequency MHz30001000100010008000
Attenuation (db/100ft)
100 MHz0.
400 MHz1.
1000 MHz2.17.315.311.412.8
3000 MHz5.2NANANA23.8
Power (W)
100 MHz0.311.00.300.271.66
400 MHz0.150.470.140.130.80
1000 MHz0.
3000 MHz0.05NANANA0.26






Dimension in. (mm).037 (.94).0189 (.48).012 (.30).0201 (.05).0888 (2.26)
DielectricPTFE .116PE .060PTFE .033PTFE .06PE .285
JacketFEP .195PVC-IIA .110FEP .071PTFE .105PVC-IIA .405
Min. Inside Bend in. rad10.
Impedance Ohm5050505050
Capacitance pF/ft @ 1 GHz29.430.829.429.430.8
Velocity of Propogation % of c69.56669.569.566
Shielding dB9040404040
Max Voltage vrms1,9001,5007501,2005,000
Temperature range ºC-55 +200-40 +185-40 +150-55 +250-40 +185
Power (Max Freq) W5226110220320
Cutoff Frequency MHz34,0001000300030001000
Attenuation (db/100ft)
100 MHz3.68.413.88.02.0
400 MHz7.31727.816.24.3
1000 MHz11.927.444.426.17.3
3000 MHz21.8NA78.446.7NA
5000 MHz29.2NANANANA
11000 MHz42.1NANANANA
Power (W)
100 MHz1.860.
400 MHz0.900.050.120.470.47
1000 MHz0.550.
3000 MHz0.30NA0.040.14NA
5000 MHz0.22NANANANA
11000 MHz0.16NANANANA






Dimension in. (mm).0888 (2.26).035 (.89).021 (.53).021 (.53).039 (.98)
DielectricPE .285PE .116PTFE .060PTFE .060PTFE .116
JacketPVC-IIA .425PVC-IIA .212FEP .098FEP .114FEP-IX .195
Min. Inside Bend in. rad2.
Impedance Ohm5050505050
Capacitance pF/ft @ 1 GHz30.830.829.429.429.4
Velocity of Propogation % of c666669.569.569.5
Shielding dB6060406040
Max Voltage vrms5,0001,9001,2009001,900
Temperature range ºC-40 +185-40 +185-55 +200-55 +200-55 +200
Power (Max Freq) W330862102101050
Cutoff Frequency MHz11,00012,4003000300012,400
Attenuation (db/100ft)
100 MHz2.
400 MHz4.
1000 MHz7.313.426.126.114.7
3000 MHz14.224.846.746.726.9
5000 MHz19.733.5NANA36.1
11000 MHz33.854.1NANA57.9
Power (W)
100 MHz0.970.320.590.411.47
400 MHz0.460.
1000 MHz0.
3000 MHz0.
5000 MHz0.100.04NANA0.17
11000 MHz0.060.02NANA0.10