Phase Stable Low Loss Semi Rigid Cable Assembly

Phase Stable Low Loss Semi Rigid Cable Assemblies

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Semi Rigid Coax Connector

SRC semi rigid coax cable assemblies are used to interconnect test and measurement devices like vector network analyzers (VNA), ground and airborne radar, satellite and terrestrial wireless communications gear, high bandwidth datacomm equipment, medical imaging equipment, for electronic warfare and to connect to microwave antenna waveguides.

As communications bandwidth and imaging resolution increase, higher and higher frequencies and power handling are required. These applications require excellent durability, phase stable performance, low attenuation, high signal fidelity and the ability to handle more power. Semi rigid coax is ideal for low passive intermod, high temperature, high power applications while maintaining excellent phase stable performance and minimizing VSWR. Semi rigid is especially significant in tactical environments where high shielding and shock or vibration tolerance is critical.

Semi Rigid Coax in 023, 047, 085, 141 and 250 Diameter

SRC offers .023, .047, .085, .141 and .250 diameter cable, optimized for stable electrical qualities. We'll configure your assembly with the right connectors. We have bare copper, tin-plated copper and aluminum sheath which is 30% less weight than copper jacket. In many applications our semi rigid coax assemblies require either military qualified parts list (QPL) or very stringent aerospace grade connector terminations. By request, if your application requires, we can sweep test every assembly to make sure the thousandth unit you buy offers identical electrical properties as your first article.

SRC Quality: The Right Engineering for the Best Semi Rigid Coax Solution

We temperature cycle all cables to assure normalized dielectrics perform at their optimum. During nearly three decades of operation, we've produced over a million semi rigid assemblies. Take for example, the design of our SMA male connector for .141 cable: The gold reference plane is never machined down, leaving rough exposed copper of the cable or the un-plated steel of the connector. We've designed our SMA nut so that it positively mates and won't snap off.

We've designed our own equipment to cut cable with digital read-outs to ensure cut lengths with tolerances of .002 inches. Precision tolerances are crucial if what you require is a phase matched set or absolute phase matching. SRC's unique cable jacket saw has micrometer stops for depth of cut and length of cut, which makes it easy for us to change from one cable size and connector to another.

This is why you'll see our product in our nation's most 'mission critical' labs and specified in most of the leading test instruments manufacturers and defense and aerospace products. And of course, if you don't immediately see what you need in the center conductor, shielding, dielectric, jacket, solder or connector, call us. If it can be made, chances are very good we're the ones who made it.

SRC Semi Rigid / Low Loss Coax Cable Specifications

semi-rigid coax cable assembly
low loss semi-rigid coax cable assembly
low loss semi-rigid coax cable assembly